Memento Mori
Death comes to all
§ William Reade


You all may have noticed a distinct lack of
regular activity, and it’s entirely due to an
increased workload for school. I initially thought
my assignments would smooth out and become
less frequent, but this doesn’t seem to be the case…

This week in particular is really heavy with essays
and quizzes and shit, and I also have extracurricular
activities that I can’t ignore.

This blog means the world to me, and I have
no intention to abandon it, but school has to
come first. I’ll try to be online on the weekends,
but for now I’ll only reply to current threads in 
order to wrap them up. With luck, I should be 
back to a sort-of regular activity in a few weeks.

Sorry guys! I still love you all~ 

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run for your life

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            “— that’s right. And not ones to play around with.”

      She hasn’t looked at him yet, still wondering about the
      flowers… Maybe there is a way inside the old stone house
      to get to the window nearest to the vines.

            “— if you’ll be civil, we won’t have a problem. I know
                 that it’s rather unpleasant to be hit with a spell so
                 just chill the fuck out and quit being mister broody.”

     ”You’re quite confident.”

            It was just barely a compliment,
            mostly subtle derision and just
            a hint of a challenge. William 
            stopped next to her, following 
            her line of sight. An uncommon
            ivy clung stubbornly to the ruins
            of the old house, and William 
            faintly recalled that it’s leaves 
            could be used to make dye, 
            though he was confident the rest
            of it was unremarkable. 


          He prods at one, curious until a 
          drop of cold water stings at his 
          fingertip. William scowls faintly. 

      “I’m hardly brooding, Miss.” 

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            “— not really in the mood for any supernatural shit.
                 So if you’re not bringing any shit to the table, then
                 by all means approach with caution, but any ill intent
                 will be met with my protections spells.”

      She says this as she takes a few steps to the left, trying to see
      if there is a better angle to climb up and acquire those plants.

      “Oooh, protection spells.”

            The laugh that left him was
            soft, dark, and ultimately 
            unkind. William neared, still
            keeping his cautious pace,
            silent across the damp earth.

     ”Well aren’t I frightened now?” 



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Tisha had almost relaxed, almost managed to banish the clicking from her ears, when she heard it.


It was like nails on a chalkboard, the screeching of sharp against glass. “No… no no no.” She mumbled. It was climbing down in front of them, and she honestly felt like she might faint. It was huge, and so loud, her sight completely overwhelmed. “Fuck.” She covered her eyes, trying to block out the sound of it breathing. She couldn’t handle it. People like her were never meant to have senses that sharp, to see as harsh and clear as this. She knew it in her bones - she was a dull thing, and that was for the best. It could kill her. This much in her head would tear her to pieces. 

"They’re all over." She whispered. "They… they’re too fucking much, Princey."

     ”You asked for this.”

            His voice was anything 
            but kind. A quiet, unforgiving
            sort of ice as the Vampire
            followed her line of sight
            and saw, frustratingly, nothing.

     ”You asked— now you
       can see your demons
       as I’ve seen mine for
       the past two thousand

           There was a heavy pause
            as William glared resolutely
            out at the window. The
            cigarette in his hand dropped
            its ash twice before he asked: 

     ”What would you have me do?” 

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1. Name of your muse: William Tynan Reade

2. One picture you like best of your muse:

         This One

3. Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone: 

  • After being a slave for most of his human life, William was
    staunchly abolitionist after his Transformation. He still disapproves of slavery in any form, and goes to great
    lengths to put an end to it when he comes across it in 
    the modern age.
  • William does, in fact, sleep, though not in the way 
    humans might. He can stay awake for considerable
    lengths of time, and as a rule of thumb, for every 
    week he spends awake, William would need a day
    of solid sleep to stay healthy.

4. Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time:

  • Drawing
  • Gardening
  • Reading (He’s a particular fan of old fantasy novels)

5. Four people that your muse loves:

  • Eirianwen (Human: wife—deceased)
  • Éanna (Human: daughter—deceased)
  • Delphine (Vampire: daughter [of a sort ] —living>
  • Liam (Skinchanger: brother [of a sort ] —living)

6. Three fond childhood memories: 

  • Human: His wedding night
  • Human: The birth of his daughter
  • Vampire: discovering he could still
                    go out in the sun.

7. One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change:

  • To go back and live his human life

8. Tag people to do the same thing; ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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      The plant she is looking for has decided it wants to grow
       very high up on an old stone building walls. It’s a flower
       and serve her well for a spell… besides that she’d found
       a few other things that might disprove the “hauntings”.

      She can feel and hear someone approaching and feels 
      vaguely disappointed that they seem to be non-human.
      Typically if they are a powerful sort, she’d be breathless,
      but now it’s just a sense of slight foreboding. Aliya isn’t
      worries though, she has plenty of protective spells on her.

          The wind shifted and 
           it carried an odd scent
           with it:


          Undeniably human at
          its base, but layers and
          layers of nearly-familiar
          tones turned the smell
          into something——-older.
          Evoking half-dull memories
          of earth and water and 

          In the shadow of a great Oak
          he stopped, forty paces behind
          this strange woman, and waited.
          Silent and cautious. 

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          There was a thick mist
          clinging to William’s legs,
          and he pulled his coat 
          closer to him in a vain 
          attempt to ward off the 

          The sooner he was out
           of this forest the better,
           but not before he found
           what he was looking for—

          —No luck yet. 

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“And if it harms none, do as you will.” 
  • Independent Original Character
  • Supernatural Human; pagan witch.
  • Dealing with religion, magic and the supernatural.
  • Icon chats, paras, multi-para, etc.
  • All triggers are appropriately tagged.
  • NSFW of various types may be present.
  • 3+ years of writing experience.
  • Semi-Selective; will always read followers’ about pages.
  • OCs and Canons welcome.
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Regarding the difference between Tynan and William: They are the same person. Tynan was the name he was born with
at the end of the Second century, and it is the name he kept
until old Gaelic names began to disappear entirely from common use. Around the time that Normans began to invade
England, he took on the name William after the conquering Norse King.

In terms of Verses, I will use Tynan in older time periods (medieval or early history), as well as in Fantasy context (in a Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones verse.) William will be used any other time. 
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